Camp is for You, Too!

Epsilon Camp tuition includes a Parent Program designed to support parents in nurturing mathematical and social growth in their exceptionally gifted children. Morning and afternoon workshops feature a range of speakers including Epsilon Camp faculty, giving a glimpse of camp curriculum. Other topics include educational planning options and strategies, as well as subjects suggested by parents.

Parents are welcome to work remotely during the sessions. Wi-fi coverage is strong, and there are several comfortable seating areas where parents can work while still participating, or step out to make phone calls when necessary.

I appreciated how well the knowledge base and experiences of the parent body were integrated into the parent program . . . so that parents were able to share their expertise and experiences with each other. I really value much of what I learned from others this year . . . the professor talks, parent discussions, outside experts, etc. . . . I never regretted attending a session.
— Epsilon Camp Parent