Algebra 1 Policy

All Epsilon Camp applicants ages 9 and over must have completed an Algebra 1 course prior to the start of camp in July. This requirement can be fulfilled by demonstrating completion of an Algebra 1 course in a number of ways:

  • Submission of a transcript from a school showing completion of an Algebra 1 course with a “B” grade or higher or equivalent. This includes brick and mortar schools, Davidson Academy Online, Stanford Online High School, Well-Trained Mind Academy, and Laurel Springs School.

  • Submission of a transcript from the following online courses showing completion of an Algebra 1 course with a “B” grade or higher or equivalent. These courses are either self-paced or have staggered start dates that may allow enrollment and completion between now and the start of camp for those who have not yet completed the requirement.

  • Completion of an Algebra 1 course through self-study or with any other provider with competency demonstrated by completion of the Epsilon Camp Algebra Assessment. A summary of the course and resources/texts used should be submitted with the completed assessment. Some families chose to work through textbooks on their own. Others may find courses and resources like the following to be affordable or an otherwise good fit:

  • Transcripts for more advanced courses will also be accepted in lieu of an Algebra 1 transcript for campers who have worked beyond this level.

If the applicant has already completed this requirement, please submit the transcript or completed Algebra Assessment and course summary with your application materials. If your camper has not yet completed the requirement, please submit your plan to complete the requirement with the application and then send the transcript or assessment once the coursework is completed. Courses must be completed or assessments submitted by May 15, 2019.

The Epsilon Camp Algebra Assessment is included in the application materials sent after completion of the Admissions Inquiry Form.